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The Cody Branch of the American Association of University Women will be awarding a $2,000.00 scholarship around May 1st of 2024. Preference for this scholarship is given to Cody area women who will be at the junior, senior or graduate level of college in their next semester.

Selection for the scholarship is based on scholastic ability, financial need, an indication of commitment to one’s chosen field, and the overall quality of the application. Deadline for the application is April 1, 2024.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship or need more information, please contact us


For More Information on Scholarships for Women see the following link:

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Tips and Tricks for Scholarship Applicants
Start early
Even if you aren’t planning on attending for another one to two years, get an idea of what’s out there. Those who know the field best have the best chances.
Go local
Although there are national scholarships abound, the same can be said for applicants. If there are scholarships specific to your city, state or region, go after these first. You’ll have a better shot at securing an award.
After a certain number of applications, it may be tempting to create generic answers and copy+paste them onto the form. Resist the urge, as individualizing your application to each organization or foundation will show you care about their goals and mission.
It’s vital that you don’t put this off until the last minute, especially if you are relying on letters of recommendation. While you may be able to pull everything together in a rush, you expose yourself to mistakes and an overall dip in quality.
Respect the
While you may have found a scholarship that was tailor-made for you and crafted the best application imaginable, missing the deadline wastes your efforts. Make a calendar of all deadlines for scholarship to which you are applying, and make sure to send everything in on time.

Applicants seeking further advice can use the following resources:



Denise Thrush, $1,000; Nicole Wagler, $1,000.

Denise Thrush is pursuing an MBA at Washington State University.  Nicole Wagler is pursuing a nursing degree at the University of Wyoming.






AAUW is offering a $2,000 scholarship to be around May 1, 2024, with preference given to Cody area women at the junior, senior or graduate level of college.

NAME _________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE________________________ E-MAIL____________________________


College attending or planning to attend ___________________________________________

Current college status _________________________________________ GPA? ________

Planned graduation date____________________________________ Degree__________________________

Are you returning to college after being away from school for a period of time?______________________________________________________________________

How long?_____________________ Any previous degree?____________________________

Statement of Financial Need __________________________________________________________


Description of major and minor fields of study ___________________________________________


Explanation of educational plans and goals  ___________________________________________



Community & College Activities ______________________________________________________


How long have you lived in Cody? _________ Please explain your connection with Cody if you are not currently residing here _______________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ Attach:       1.  A copy of transcript(s) of your grades (does not have to be certified), and

  1. A short essay (1 page maximum) that includes a paragraph explaining a person or an event that most influenced your development and a paragraph describing your thoughts regarding women’s equity issues.

Return this form and attachments no later than April 1, 2024 to: AAUW Scholarship Committee

c/o Dona Copeland, P.O. Box 883, Cody, WY 82414